Eeny, Meeny, Miney To The Mo, Doesn't Even Matter What The Lyrics Are, Yo!

I was never a big fan of Mad TV. However, the following video is one of the funniest things that they ever aired, second only to flashing Paddington Bear.

I always liked this song because I found the lyrics to be funny, and because I hate Fred Durst. Earlier this year, however, I was listening to the radio and I realized that not only do the lyrics to most song not matter, but you can actually find the words "eeny meeny miney mo" in multiple songs. Here are a few examples:

Saosin - Show Me Yo Booty Hole: This song features the lyrics "Eeny meeny miney mo, let me eat that booty hole." That's really all there is to the song as well. The song also includes fart noises, however those do not curb the singer's desire to eat the girl's asshole. Terrific.

Murderdolls - Crash Crash: This song is a pleasant little number is nothing more than a suicide note. At least, it would be if the singer actually killed himself, which would make for an interesting stage show. Since that's not the case, it's just another crappy teen angst song. This one includes the line "Eeny meeny miney mo, bombs away motherfuckers here I go". If only you had killed yourself instead of writing that line.

Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Remix featuring Kanye West and Static Major): It comes as no surprise that a man addicted to cough syrup would right a song about lollipops, since they taste roughly the same. And if you think that's what the song is about, then you're too young for this website. Anyway, it's not until the remix of the song that we find the lyrics "Eeny meeny miney mo. I'm in yo neighborhood area." What the fuck is that supposed to be? Not only could they not come up with a full length sentence to rhyme with "mo", I don't get the last part. You're in my neighbourhood area? Are you trying to scare me, or asking me to put out snacks? Sorry, I'm all out of cough syrup.

Ice Cube - Make It Ruff, Make it Smooth: I don't think I need to tell you what this song is about, the name should make it clear. "So eeny meeny miney mo, where's my dough?" If you carry a wallet, you won't need to ask that question.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Brown Shuga: "Clipped on my pager, grabbed my cellular. Eeny meeny miney mo and picked the number 8 car." Interesting use of eeny meeny miney mo, considering it doesn't rhyme with anything. It's also interesting because the indication is that Sir Mix-A-Lot has so many cars he has to use a random method to pick one. If he REALLY was as rich as he claims, he'd buy a time machine so he can remove the reference to a pager from his song.

Young Joc - I Know You See It: This is the song that I heard on the radio, and the one that started this whole entry. Not only does it include the lyrics "eeny meeny miney mo", this is the only one of these songs that actually repeats is. Over and over and over again. Some of the other lyrics to this song are far more troubling, however. For example, "You chewin on that pussy like a piece of bubble gum." I don't know how they do things where you're from, but I gnaw gum with my back teeth.

Of course, this is not the only phrase from a children's song or rhyme to be used in popular music. Fergie had an entire song titled "London Bridge", Korn recycled bits of at least half a dozen children's songs, and who can forget N.W.A.'s cover of the popular Bananaphone? The music industry's in the shitter, and stuff like this doesn't really help. I think we can all agree, however, that these songs are all still better than country music.

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© 2008 by Dr. Jeebus