What's Wrong With a Flat Tax?

Since I'm being political today, here's a second entry. So what's so bad about a flat tax rate? The biggest complaint I've heard is that a flat tax would favour the wealthy. You know what? Life favours the wealthy, deal with it. So given that, I don't understand what the problem is. I don't know what the number would have to be, but if everyone paid a flat income tax of, say, 15% it would cut down on a whole lot of work by the government. If you're thinking that that's too low and that the wealthy would get out of paying anything at all, I mean that EVERYONE pays 15% of their net income. The end. No deductions or loopholes or any of that bullshit. Everyone pays the same percentage.

Admittedly, this would get rid of a lot of jobs at places like H&R Block and some government jobs, but that also means it's a lot of money that the government doesn't need to spend trying to figure out how the fuck the tax code actually work and auditing people with all their crazy, bullshit deductions and exemptions which means that the tax rate can be lower (This isn't the only wasteful spending in the government so taxes could definitely be lower). Lower taxes means more money in everyone's pockets which stimulates economic growth and stability.

Maybe this is a somewhat simplistic view, largely because I'm hungry so I'm trying to finish up before lunch, but I don't see what's so bad about saving people both a lot of money and a lot of time and aggravation of trying to do their taxes.


I now expect death threats from the good people at H&R Block

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