I Don't Know From Flowers

So Valentine's Day has come and gone at this point. I've been looking at the roses sitting in their vase this week and marveling at how much longer these have survived than when I normally get my girlfriend flowers. At this point I realized something: I don't know a fucking thing about flowers. In fact, most guys don't. Despite the fact that none of us understand how flowers work, we're obligated to buy them. There aren't many choices for presents on Valentine's Day, and most of them are flowers and chocolate. Now chocolate, that's something I understand. I could write volumes on the glorious wonder of chocolate and all its different delicious varieties. Thing is, getting a girl chocolate and just chocolate on Valentine's Day can easily be interpreted as you meaning to say "This oughta shut you up, fatty". Needless to say that is NOT the desired reaction.

So what is the solution? What can be the new standard gift for guys to give? Sure there's jewelry, but that tends to be expensive, what with the precious metal and all. Well I can't think of anything, so I guess it's time to learn how flowers work.


Sorry, I figured this would have been more insightful

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