Howie Long Is a Pedophile and Rapist!!!

Howie long raped and killed a girl in 2009...I mean Howie Long's commercial for the Chevy Traverse freaks me the fuck out.

Here's the perp with a little girl That's a big girl car!

When the little girl exclaims "That's a big girl car", pointing directly at Howie's crotch, I'm surprised the writers didn't have her add "I want to ride it!". So why hasn't this story gotten any sort of coverage at all? Because the wealthy elite all have HDTV. Apparently if you have a widescreen TV you can still see the car in this shot, but for the majority of Americans who still use square televisions, we all see Howie Long for what he really is: a pedophile (Which logically also makes him a serial rapist. That's how these things work out). That's right, you heard it here first! Howie Long raped and killed this girl in 2009. Her body will never be found because, I dunno, let's say he cooked and ate her.

Go ahead and sue; any publicity is good publicity.

© 2009 by Dr. Jeebus