MTG Secret Santa

I normally have a certain period, or at the very least a certain amount, of time that I allot each for writing my blog. Today, however, that time was eaten up by something else I was doing. I've decided to take part in a secret Santa thing on a Magic message board that I frequent, so when I would have been writing my blog I was altering some cards for the amusement of another Magic player. What that means is that, much like when I wrote my tournament report, here's an entry that 80% of you don't give a fuck about. Each person is supposed to alter at least one card (though most do more), and sign them, so I have decided to show you all the cards that I made. Oh yeah, I have absolutely ZERO artistic talent, so you don't need to tell me that my artwork and penmanship suck.

Yeah, my handwriting sucks

So there you have it. Some lucky person will receive two funny cards, two tournament playable cards (one standard, one eternal so that should suit just about anyone), and one card that's not funny or legal, but I'm sick of having it in my binder.

Can you ever have too many luftballons?

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