Who Watches The Watchmen? Apparently, 8 Year Olds!

So I saw Watchmen on Saturday night. My review of the movie will come later, as for right now I just want to give me review of the audience. I went to a 7:45 show of the movie cause it's almost 3 hours long and the theater is at least a 30 minute drive. I'm sure it would have been the same at any show time, but I was shocked at the number of children in the theater. My girlfriend and I got really good seats, and then about 10 minutes after we were sitting there a family with two little kids, definitely both with single digit ages, sat almost right next to us. We thought about moving, but there looked to be young people everywhere so we took our chances. Naturally, the kids were loud and annoying. We were able to tune it out for the most part, but they kept giggling and pointed every time Dr. Manhattan was on screen naked, and they got up multiple times to go get food. Near the end of the movie they were getting restless, so they took their mom's phone and started playing with it. No matter how much I could tune out their noise, there's no way for me to sit in a dark theater and tune out the fucking 300 watt display of the phone that's like 4 feet from me, so I leaned over and told the kid "Shut your mouth and put the phone away." They didn't really stop talking, but it got the phone off which was good enough. The thing was, I saw the kid lean over and tell his mother something after I said that, probably telling on me or some bullshit. After the movie, my girlfriend and I were getting out stuff together while the kids and their mother were just standing at the end of the row staring at us, as if I had done something wrong for telling them to shut the fuck up, without even using the word "fuck".

Now the question is: why would you bring your kid to this movie? There's graphic violence, dismemberment, the closest thing to hardcore sex you can get in an R rated movie, pregnant women shot by their baby daddy, and more blue penis than the religious right can handle. What would make anyone think that this is appropriate for their fucking 4th grader? And if their defense is that they didn't know that all of that was in the movie, well why the fuck are you taking your child to an R rated movie that you don't even know what it is? Besides, a movie ticket costs $10, or I think like $7 for kids. A babysitter for the night costs $8, a microwavable pizza, and a couple cans of Coke. Oh yeah, and the fucking parents gave the kids like $30 to spend on food too, so a babysitter would have been MUCH cheaper.


Showing trailers for animated Disney movies during R rated movies sends the wrong signals!!!

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