Letters from Geordie Tait – An Experiment in Group Think

Warning: I’m probably going to offend you with this article. If you’ve read my stuff before then this is no surprise, but hopefully this will gain momentum beyond my normal readership. If you’ve never read my writing before, consider yourself warned.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

So yesterday a preview link was given to Geordie Tait’s latest article on Star City Games. It wasn’t even on the front page yet, and it was being lauded as the greatest piece of literature since The Bible. Normally I’d link you to the article so you can read it in its entirety before reading this, but you’ve probably already read it, and if you haven’t I’ll spare you the 90 minute read by giving you a brief synopsis. Here’s what his 100,000 word article looked like:

*Note: This article was written as a letter to his non-existent daughter. This is a cute premise, but it’s fucking annoying to read and gets really old, really fast. Luckily, the article is nice and itemized, so I can break it down pretty easily.

1. Introduction – Women are mistreated by all of society, gamers are bad people, and you should probably burn bridges with all your gamer friends; doing so will make you a better person.

2. Part of the Tribe – This is where Tait decides it’s obligatory to wave around his nerd credentials. “I am just like you! You can trust what I say, because I am an actual, card carrying nerd.”

3. #Finkeldate – This is the basis of the entire article. It wasn’t the point that the article was trying to make really, but it was the basis for writing it and was constantly referenced. He describes Alyssa Bereznak’s blog post (in both its iterations) very accurately, but I’m sure you’ve read at least the revised version of her blog post so there’s little point in going into this in detail.

4. The Response – Here Tait describes the response people had. Surprise! Everyone’s response to her blog post was negative. If you read it, you had negative feelings about it too, so don’t fucking lie. He focuses on how many of the comments were about her being a bitch or shallow, and the irony of calling someone shallow then saying that Finkel makes a lot of money. This irony is the first worthwhile point int he article.

5. A Sordid Past – As it turns out, our beloved hero, Geordie, wrote two very angry responses to similar things in 2002 and 2003. At this point he is saying “I WAS just like you, but not any more! Now I’m better! I’m soooo ashamed for what I did, and you should be too!” You see Geordie finally got laid in the interim, and now sexism was WRONG. Those are practically his exact words. He describes how he finally started a serious relationship, and he suddenly felt awful for everything derogatory towards women for any reason. He even says “I was so sick of the avalanche of sexism that I wouldn’t have criticized Alyssa if she’d set Jon on fire during the date,” and I believe him. More on this later.

6. Pride – Here he talks about how gamers have a big sense of pride as a community, but that this blind devotion can be a bad thing. He also reveals a very poignant quote from earlier in the article to have been stated by a juggalo. Of course, because this guy is actually still a giant douchebag despite claiming to be a changed man, he then makes a number of ignorant and bigoted remarks about juggalos without any real understanding of them (Note: I am not a juggalo). More on this later as well.

7. Fear – Basically, all that’s said here is that Alyssa laughed at you so you’re flailing around wildly like a giant pussy crying and trying to deflect your rage and hurt back at her.

8. Bonus Material – Worst name for one of his sections possible. “Bonus material” is the term that was deemed appropriate to describe the only particularly relevant part of this article. This part explains precisely WHY Bereznak would have thought as she did about Magic players, citing a number of quotes and sources, most notably an article written a decade ago by Aaron Forsythe’s wife. This could and should have been the entire article. If it was the core of the article instead of a footnote buried under a metric ton of self-indulgent bullshit, then this response would not be necessary.

9. Conclusion – This is about feminism, and you can make the entire world more tolerant by not flaming women. No matter what they do, women are off limits. He also decides to forgive you all for what you said, and knows that maybe someday you can be better. Like him. When you finally get laid.

“What’s the Big Fuckin’ Deal, Bitch?”

So why do I hate this article? Well aside from being filled with more self-indulgent ramblings than a Tarantino flick, there is a huge problem with the entire article. Before I even get to that, let’s get to the worse part: the response. It’s 1:30 in the morning at this point in time, so I’m not gonna bother making fancy screenshots, but you are welcome to fact check this because it’s all true. Here’s what a couple people said about Geordie Tait’s article yesterday:

Jon Medina (@mtgmedina) – “I’m not one to gush over things but this article truly is insane. I want to take the day off work just to absorb it.” “I haven’t got through the whole thing, but you should feel honored for being part of this awesome article.”

Evan Irwin (@misterorange) – “Geordie Tait knocks it out of the park.”

The vast majority of the MTG community all had similar things to say. It’s the best thing anyone’s even written. However, I’m gonna pop in a time machine for a second and go back to August 29th…

Jon Medina – “I love how the article starts out, ‘I got drunk and made a profile on OK Cupid.’ Were you drunk when you were checking it every 5 mins too?”

Evan Irwin – “Nothing like a tech writer being shocked & appalled at how geeky her date is. Hahaha. So..@Jonnymagic00 1, idiots 0.”

Now, Tait actually has a screenshot of the quote from Evan in his article, but he ignores the condescending tone and the fact that he calls Bereznak an “idiot” at point blank range. There are countless more examples of this, but these are the biggest names that I distinctly remembered talking shit about her and then changing their tone with this article. I’m sure it will take you very little thought to recollect many of your own friends who had the same reaction. This is the most blatant example of group think I have ever seen. The entire community felt the same way: that this girl was a shallow bitch (Or possibly not shallow enough, since she didn’t care that Finkel has money). Suddenly, a respected writer (Or so I’m told. I had honestly never heard of this fucking guy until two days ago) writes something about how ashamed we should all be, and suddenly it’s the greatest thing in the world and we should all be preaching tolerance and love while holding hands and shitting rainbows. Sorry, but I’m not buying it for a second.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

As we covered, the entire catalyst for this article was the reaction to Bereznak’s blog post. This was also really the entire premise and focus of discussion. But everyone seems to have forgotten something: she completely deserved it. DO NOT STOP READING. You’re probably thinking some bullshit about how I’m blaming the victim or being an intolerant asshole. However, let’s think about what our friend Alyssa said, and more importantly how she said it. You see, I don’t care that she didn’t want to date a dude that plays Magic. That’s 100% understandable, but picture this scenario:

Instead of going on a date with a Magic player, she went on a date with someone who, after she mentioned that her brother was a gamer, said “Oh, I play World of Warcraft. Actually, I was the first person in the world to hit level 80.” Would anyone be appalled that she ran? Not a fucking chance. Why? Because World of Warcraft ruins lives. If you’re reading this, then you’re a gamer. As a gamer, you have almost certainly lost a friend into the depths of Azeroth for months or even years. Maybe they’re still stuck there. But Magic isn’t like that, right? Magic is a social medium! You know, except for the fact that everyone’s an asshole and at higher levels of competition people have seemingly no interest in any sort of friendly banter. It’s time to face facts though, guys:

Magic is expensive.
Magic is time consuming.
Competitive Magic is even more time consuming.
Magic players are some of the only people in the world who would fly to Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and leave their wives and girlfriends at home. They would rather go alone and never see anything but the inside of a convention center (Or possibly a bar if they 0-2 drop) then go with the love of their life and share a bottle of wine while gazing upon the Eiffel Tower.
Simply put, hardcore Magic players are unattractive and in many ways unavailable.

This was not the tone of the article, however. It was rude, condescending, and outright mean. There were a lot of things that Bereznak could’ve said. She could’ve just said that she didn’t like Magic players. She could’ve mentioned that some guy who, from every picture I’ve ever seen, has the cold, dead stare of a serial killer took her on a first date to see a one man play about a fucking serial killer. She could’ve said that she was desperately wishing she had gone on a date with one of the suitors who had just wanted to get into her pants instead of the one who potentially wanted to wear her skin. She could’ve said that he was boring, and that there was no real spark, attraction, or mutual interest. Instead, she not only talked about how she went on a date with the “champion of the dweebs”, she used his real name. She didn’t go on a date with some random nerd, she went on a date with “Jon Motherfucking Finkel.” Put all this together, and you’re asking for trouble.

I learned a long, long time ago that if you’re going to speak negatively about someone or something on the internet, you need to be prepared for retaliation. Because retaliation IS coming. If you put one of my boys on blast, I’m going to call you out. I’m not going to call you out by saying it wasn’t nice, I’m going to try to emotionally cripple you, because nobody fucks with the people I care about. Not only do most people feel the same way, but a very large percentage of the Magic community considers Finkel (and all pro players, writers, etc.) to be their boy. Alyssa Bereznak punched Jon Finkel in the dick in front of 1,000,000 of his boys, and expected nobody to do anything about it. And according to Geordie Tait, you shouldn’t have.

The Brutal Truth

Now it’s my turn to say something negative about your boy, and time for all of you to flame me. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna cry like a little bitch about it; I’m used to people not realizing I’m right.

There were a couple things I said I wanted to come back to, and now is the time. The first thing I’d like to mention is the total hypocrisy of Tait’s messages in his article. It is okay for Alyssa to talk shit about the entire Magic community from an ignorant and bigoted standpoint. It is apparently okay for Tait to talk shit about juggalos from an ignorant and bigoted standpoint. But God help you if you talk about women from an ignorant and bigoted standpoint! For of all the groups in the world, be they separated by gender, religion, or personal interest, women are the only group which is above reproach.

More importantly, however, is Tait’s entire attitude towards woman, and towards you, the reader. You see, Tait spend a LONG time, I’d venture twice as long as this entire article, explaining that he’s “just like you!” He’s a nerd, he’s said mean things, and he can totally identify with everything you feel. But, you see, he met the love of his life and everything changed. And by the love of his love, I mean the first girl that would let him fuck her. By Geordie’s own admission, he tried from ages 18-28 to have a steady girlfriend with no success. He then met a girl who he dated and married. Maybe he was able to pull off getting laid a few times before then, but the smart money’s on not very often. He even went so far as to say that he wouldn’t criticize Alyssa had she set Jon on fire during their date. While this was meant as hyperbole, I believe there is truth to that. Tait has become so enlightened, so much more so than you are, that he would tolerate any ridiculous, inappropriate behaviour from a woman. It’s actually pretty disgraceful.

What’s more disgraceful, however, is how much better than you he thinks he is. There is an actual statement of forgiveness in the conclusion of his article. “It’s okay that you’re still an unenlightened sexist. I forgive you, for I am God and God is forgiveness. Maybe one day you’ll get laid too, and then you can be as sensitive to the plights of the opposite sex as I am.” Yeah, you’re a real sweetheart. All that happened here was that lifetime loser who was desperate for approval from any woman finally got some for the first time in his entire life, and he’s not willing to risk giving that up even it means throwing all logic and decency out the window, so he wrote a needlessly long diatribe about how cruel gamers are and how you need to be ashamed of your very existence.

And you all bought it. You bought it and you lauded his greatness, because he wrote it for Star City Games. The Dojo was our Torah, Star City Games is our New Testament. Be it decklists or opinion, every published word is infallible. Mob Mentality FTW.


  1. JimiKirkman says:

    Dear Jeebus,
    How I love your humour, and the pull-no-punches attitude! Love that someone is willing to put this kid straight, even in his pretense to be a feminist (*cough* bullcrap *cough*) only to tout his own self-worth and infect the world of Magic with his false sadness at how the world treats women. And lest we forget, his yet-conceived “poor little girl” was born a girl. Anyone really buying this? I’m a feminist-lite and all his article did was tick me off!

  2. Ertai says:

    I red Tait’s article and thought it was awesomely written and well articulated before reading any of the comments (so much for so-called mob mentality). You, mr. Jeebus, are just trying to land a punch somewhere, and it’s not working very well so far. But you, being a troll by nature, will never give up I guess πŸ™‚ Good luck, have fun in your holy crusade etc etc, I’m off.

    • juzamjedi says:

      Read Tait’s article yesterday and this one today. Seems like the crux of this article is Tait’s treatment of Juggalos. He wrote that section because 1) they’re not mainstream and 2) people that aren’t part of that group might not want to associate with them. In this article Jeebus you’ve reinforced those points. Magic isn’t mainstream and Magic players do things that aren’t appealing to some non-players.

      If you want to get all butt-hurt that Tait used to be a douche and now his tone is magnanimous, fine.

      • Hobbesq says:

        You shouldn’t call him a douche, that is an engendered insult and shouldn’t be used

      • Syd Lexia says:

        Butt-hurt could also be considered an engendered insult in some cases. More commonly though, it is used as somewhat of a gay slur. In all cases, it implies the unsolicited violation of one’s rectal cavity in a manner consistent with rape. It is a classless and pathetic phrase, and all people who use it should be markedly ashamed of themselves.

  3. Jonathan W. says:

    My big problem with Tait’s article was his complete mis-characterization of the response to A.B.’s original blog. The comments on her blog were full of negative responses from women and non-Magic players (and non-Magic-playing women) who were appalled at what A.B. had written. Ignoring them in order to push his agenda seems to marginalize women as much as the people he’s complaining about do.

    Regarding the potential undesirability of Magic players as a group, certainly there are some (many) who take it to extremes. However, that is true of just about any hobby. It’s not like A.B. would be any happier with a golfer, if she doesn’t play golf, except for the reduced social stigma. That is most of why people reacted so negatively and called her shallow – she was taking for granted a negative stereotype about a large slice of her readers, both male and female, and treating it as fact without bothering to justify it.

  4. Grantly says:

    “Alyssa Bereznak punched Jon Finkel in the dick in front of 1,000,000 of his boys…”
    This made me laugh and I like this article. I’m sure it is going to get a bunch of crap, but what article isn’t nowadays.

    Let the fisticuffs begin!

  5. Some Guy says:

    I think you brush up against valid points regarding his mischaracterization of Juggalos and the fact that he tries to imply some kind of redemption in a completely imaginary long-term rationale for Alyssa’s rejection of Finkel. But hell, even then he makes a very compelling general point as to why it’s valid for women to be disinterested in passionate gamers and gamers should stop taking it so personally.

    And past that, the rest of your article belies that you did not read his article very closely.

    Just for one example, you make a big deal about him hiding “the condescending tone” in a picture of a tweet of a friend. What are you on about? He included the picture for the explicit purpose of publicly calling them out on what he considered to be immature bullshit. That was evidence for his “these friends and coworkers need to grow up” list and somehow you completely missed that point.

    And no, I don’t follow MtG and have no idea who this guy is. I just can’t argue against someone saying, at the core of his well supported and thoughtful article, “Too many gamers are naive narcissistic misogynists, please work on that.”

    • PJ says:

      “But hell, even then he makes a very compelling general point as to why it’s valid for women to be disinterested in passionate gamers and gamers should stop taking it so personally.”

      Not many of us take it personally. Consider that the original blog was posted on a tech news site, essentially rubbing in our faces that plenty of folks found us undesirable and for the wrong reasons at that. Why is it okay for a woman to blatantly offend a subset of people, but not okay for those people to fire back?

      Continue to be dumb. It will serve you well.

      • Antonio Lavone Campbell says:

        This article was a great response to what tait put out. People who lack perspective on the matter and only see their agenda being furthered tend to cling to things no matter how false the pretenses.

  6. Jack L. says:


    I actually enjoyed this tremendously. I think people who are complaining about it are missing the point entirely-sure, it’s about Tait, but it’s more so about the final line of the entire read.

    Also, write more god damn it.

  7. A Dude says:

    When I heard Tait ranted about how bad, chauvinistic and creepy the gamer community is, I thought that it’s no big deal, just the usual clichee getting milked.

    But when I read the entire article and saw how he tried to pull off this I-was-in-the-darkness-but-i-transcended thing I never facepalmed that hard.
    Basically saying “You’re dicks, but you can become like me, AWESOME!”? Way to go.

    Oh, and the best thing was how he said he loved to watch “cocky, 80 pounds Koreans” play. Saying “Bitch” is worse than killing the Dalai Lama but it’s totally okay to endorse racial stereotypes.

    On a totally unrelated note, you’re the man Jeebus.

    • Fiatil says:

      Not that I agree with his article or anything, but have you seen any MLG starcraft 2 tournaments? 80 pound cocky Koreans is as spot on as you can get.

      • A Dude says:

        It’s not about wether he is right about itor not, (Yeah, I know Koreans own white dudes etc.) but how he is expressing it.

        It’s basically like saying “Look at all these niggers winning all the NBA games.”
        Technically I’d be right with this statement but I’d still be an asshole for using derogatory words.

  8. Well said. says:

    Not only did he get laid, he got to trumpet it from the mountaintops. Why else predict a child?

    That’s all I got from his soapbox.

  9. Chris says:

    The most compelling point, to me, in the whole debate was someone pointing out that Geordie Tait style White Knighting is just another form of misogyny.

  10. Brandon says:

    This is fucking genius.

    Also, I’m pretty sure there’s more to this article than just the bit about Juggalos.

  11. Aiden says:

    There are plenty of comments on the article now criticizing it. There isn’t quite as much mob mentality as you try to make it seem. People have already started back up with the general disregard for women and how they should “suck it up” if they want to play Magic.

    I’ll agree that the article seemed to have a bit too much “I’m writing this from a better place than you”, but your end rant about how Geordie only changed his ways once he “got laid” is just you being fucking immature. He shared an actual connection with a woman, saw her perspective, and like any rational person he took that new information into account when examining his community and interests.

    I expect that the next episode of your podcast will be the three stooges perfectly illustrating everything wrong with our community at both ends of the spectrum.

    • Antonio Lavone Campbell says:

      Incorrect. I wasn’t going to respond until you mentioned the word perspective. Looking in to the article you can see he lost the ability to view things for himself nor in the eyes of a woman but instead in an attempt to appeal to women. There in which lies a difference. Also crudely put Jeebus was correct in his assumption. had the article been from the view point of an open minded person it would have contained no misandry or misogyny but merely truthful observations.

  12. Monty says:

    as a member of the sc2 eSports community and bestfriend of an avid MTG player I was sent the original article and then found this one. I have 2 simple problems with the original article:

    1. the Day[9] quote is so out of context its ludicrous.
    (its actually from a story about an ex-girlfriend who would purposely type “g.g.” instead of “GG” to piss him off)

    2. so its okay to say “I just can’t get enough of cocky 80-pound Asians dropping Manner Mules on each other.” but it’s not okay to ever make light of women?

  13. Dr. Jeebus says:

    Wow, so many comments. I’m gonna need to respond to these as soon as I can.

  14. Hysfjon says:

    There may not be as much mob mentality as you think. I tried to make a comment pointing out some of the problems with Taits article, and it was removed.

    I suspect what you are seeing is a pruned comments field, with the most gushing comments given preference.

  15. We Are Anonymous says:

    Could somebody please make this guy understand that we have 0, i repeat zero responsibility to make women feel welcome. We can spend our spare time with whomever we so please and use any jargon we so like. There is no magical right for women to butt in on other peoples’ spare time activities and demand they be welcomed.

    • Aiden says:

      We do have an obligation to make women feel welcome, because we have an obligation not to be insufferable assholes to people who want to join the community. We have an obligation to make women feel welcome because we have an obligation to make EVERYONE feel welcome, so long as they aren’t detrimental to the community.

      More women in the community means more people in general in the community. A larger community means more mainstream attention and the beginning of dispelling negative stereotypes.

      But if you’d rather be able to spout misogynistic crap at the top of your voice, go ahead. Just know that you aren’t doing anyone any favors.

      • Antonio Lavone Campbell says:

        Although the community should be accepting it should not be change to benefit only one group of people.

        • Aiden says:

          The community obviously isn’t accepting enough if women in Magic is still an issue. Making the community less insular won’t benefit just women. It will benefit anyone who wants to get into Magic.

      • We Are Anonymous says:

        So please tell me, why should we cow-tow to a group of people who are hysterics. People who interpret anything and everything as harassment and misogyny. If women don’t like the way the community works, they can go back to women’s studies. Besides, where were these women who are oh so concerned about hostility when people like me were very close to bringing assault rifles to school, because that was the only way we would be left alone.

    • Jess says:

      Unfortunately for you that one group of people encompasses 50% of the population. The work force, government, science, the military and other countless social structures have had to progress to equality and making the female gender feel welcome. But the gamer world is exempt?

      So, let’s argue that women aren’t the ones who have felt like they can’t be the ones part of the community. Let’s say it is blacks. Or gays. Or Christians. Or non-Christians. Or guys with ugly faces. Do you then make them feel welcome… Where exactly do you draw this imaginary line?

      You are Geordie Tait’s article personified.

      • Dr. Jeebus says:

        Regardless of what they’re saying, my article had nothing to do with excluding women in any way. The woman in question didn’t even want to be included. My problem is that someone acting like a little bitch, and then people thought it was unfair that she was so received the flaming she deserved. You think that just because it is a woman and not another guy that she should be able to get away with acting like that? If so, you’re a dumbass and I don’t care what you think anyway.

  16. Hysfjon says:

    I hope you don’t mind if I repost my new comment to Taits original article here:

    There are some problems here.

    The impression I get is that Taits instinctive urge to be the White Knight has run away with him. If you look at the flak Alyssa has gotten, it is easy to notice that while the most…strongly worded ones are from men, the numerical majority are from women. Mostly girl gamers. The female gaming community has often been marginalized, and had its voice ignored. So it was rather heartwarming to see the community stand up and make its voice heard. And Taits attempt to trample it in his haste to defend Alyssa is just as disturbing as the attempts to throw the entire gaming comunity under the bus to impress the blonde.

    The chosen format does not work well either. As a vehicle to communicate something to male gamers, it can work because male gamers do not feel it is talking down to them,

    As a vehicle to critizise and marginalize the female resonse to Alyssas article, it is beyond creepy.

    It is a pity, because there is some real good stuff buried in there. Real good. But Taits chosen the wrong format and the wrong case to argue. Let us review the actual case: Alsyssa Berzenek dated Jon Finkel, decided that he wasn’t boyfriend material due to playing magic. And if that was it, Tait would have a strong case. But Alyssa went on a second date for more ammo for her article. And the she wrote that Jon was a liar and a creep for not disclosing that he played magic prior to the date, and pretending to be a hedge fund manager. Something she considered incompatible with being a geek. And she did this indentifying him by his full name.

    Now Tait finds this above critizism. In fact, he says he wouldn’t critizise Alyssa if she’d physically assaulted Finkel after what he did. Am I the only one who finds this amount of excusing indefensible behavior from someone, as long as that someone is female, more than a bit off?
    Are there any female gamers out there who can remember similar behavior from thei rmale gamer friends in high school, when those tried to curry favor with the popular girls?

    Taits unsupproted rationalizations for Alyssas behavior are mixed with a huge amount of talk about Geordie Tait. And this is by far the best bits of the article. If Tait had managed to rein in his urge to be Alyssas nice guy and lecture female gamers on how they ought to feel about her behavior, this would have the beginnings of a really good piece of writing. There are a lot of good reflection in there. His calling his former self out on some of his earlier attitudes and comments are especially strong.

    The problem is, I don’t think that person is as far in his past as he wants to think. Not only in his reflexive urge to Save the Cheerleader. But a lot of his crude generalizations about the gaming community smacks of extrernalizing his self-loathing.

    It reminds me of that book, “The Elfish Gene”.

    I realize a lot of this comes across as a personal attack on Gerodie Tait. It is not meant that way. However, I do feel that when he uses an incident like this to write a piece that is mainly about Geordie Tait and how enlightened he is, it has to be expected that the replies will be too.

  17. Hobbesq says:

    I said most of this on twitter, but I’ll post some of it here to give a few more supportive comments. I agree with the “point of Geordie’s article” (as buried as it was) but I already did before I read it. I call this the Michael Moore approach. You make something that people who agree with you will love, and will make them feel vindicated, but does not actually start a discourse or a discussion with people on the fence or who disagree.

    Geordie’s article meandered and wandered too much, and that is going to lose the people who’s minds you want to change. We’ve argued this in the community before, but it just stays there. A discussion that moves towards no solutions.

  18. Jimmy Hill says:

    For what it’s worth, Tait’s white knighting isn’t done to impress Bereznak, but to impress his fiance, an outspoken feminist. Obviously I have no problem with feminism, but if you look at her twitter page when #finkeldate was happening, you’ll see her getting into heated arguments and getting defensive about them. It’s likely Geordie had to hear a lot of her ranting about the subject and then decided to white knight on her behalf.

    As far as the article itself, this rebuttal by Jeebus was very good. Someone in the comments also nailed it.

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. We are so blessed to have such an enlightened prophet to teach all us poor ignorant gamers how wrong the entire community has become. Thank you Mr Tait for making me realize that I am responsible for every single comment made by people who share the same hobby. Just the same as anyone who enjoys European soccer is responsible for racist chants made by English, German and Dutch fans. Much like every Muslim is responsible for the acts perpetrated by Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, and just like every Christian shares the blame with abortion clinic.

    Climb down off the soapbox please and look around. The problems you point out are in no way specific to gaming or even worse in the hobby or industry. Women objectified in gaming? Have you seen a fashion magazine? Ever look at the cover of Cosmo or any of the various “women’s” publications? Most of the harshest judgements and generaliztions come from these magazines.

    The Bereznak article on Gizmodo was clearly a troll article designed to get a troll reponse and it succeeded. Yet when even females in the gaming community point this out you choose to take them to task for disrepsecting women. Basicly teliing them they are too naive or stupid to understand the deep concepts and you will enlighten them. I bet they are so glad that a big strong man like you is telling them when to be offended, otherwise how would they ever possibly know.

    In short, I guess I just want to thank you for being our Jiminy Cricket and having the ability to judge us all as being too judgemental. Geordie Tait, moral compass and High Inquisitor for all us lowly troglodytes inhabiting the gaming community.

    Nail, meet head.

    Tait’s article also did not really address that it was not just Magic players who jumped onto the whole #finkeldate fiasco, but gamers as a whole and I would wager that a lot of the image macros were made by 4channers, not necessarily Magic players. The #NotRightForAlyssa meme was adopted by non-Magic players as well, uniting gamers of all stripes.

    But fuck integrity, let’s just use exaggerated one-sided strawmen and disingenuous to throw Magic players under the bus, eh?

    • Jimmy Hill says:

      I meant “disingenuous arguments” in the last part.

      While I am here, I should also mention that it is a shame that comments that dissent popular opinion are being deleted.

      • Hysfjon says:

        Yes, well. Since writing that my posts were being deleted, something which was annoying me no end, I’ve started to suspect it is only some of them. I dropped Facebook over a year ago, and reactivated to comment on that article.

        I cannot see any of my own posts until I log into my account, and I suspect no-one else can either. I think something in the new privacy settings is protecting my posts from public viewing, but I can’t make heads or tails of it.

        About 4 post have definitely been deleted though.

  19. […] loves Doom.Dr. Jeebus’s response to Geordie Tait mentioned in the cast can be found here: http://dr.jeebus.sydlexia.com/?p=160Special thanks to Jack Bowen of Dredging For Humor podcast (@DredgingHumor on twitter) for creating […]

  20. Fuck Off Weaklings says:

    Geordie Tait is a self-hating hyper-P.C. Cultural Marxist retard. He opens his article by regurgitating the CM talking point that women own ~1% of property on Earth and automatically concludes that this must be oppression. No, women value men for their ability, be it mental (expressed primarily through language) and / or physical, and men value women for their physical attractiveness. That men own such an overwhelming majority of property is simply a biological eventuality and expression of our respective core values critical to the success of the species and developed throughout ~200k years of evolution. A man may appreciate a woman’s intellect but at the end of the day it is not her intellect that will make him hard; likewise a woman may appreciate a man for his raw attractiveness but if he is poor (an indication of a lack of ability, be it for mental and / or physical) she will inevitably stop giving a fuck about him and move on. This is why it is relatively common to see an unattractive and / or significantly older man with an attractive (younger) woman, but not the other way around — woman wants man for ability and fruits thereof; man wants woman for attractiveness / youthfulness. Gee, who woulda thunk it? The same childish ignorance and denial of reality underlies all of these kinds of CM talking points and other lines of commie propaganda.

    That aside, perhaps the most damning observation of all (made here in the comments) is that his intense white-knighting is essentially just another form of misogyny… which were it not for their ideological inebriation, blind nut hugging (herd mentality) and general stupidity these people would be able to comprehend.

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